Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist a healthy lifestyle by creating products from one of the most naturally nutrient packed foods known, the pistachio!  


Our Story

It was around the end of 2010, soon after the great recession collapsed much of the job market that I realized I was going nowhere with my current job. I had always dreamed of working with my family pistachio business and finally decided what better time to make the jump, than now.  I decided to quit a day after a holiday party with great excitement as I knew I had a better calling. What started out as an experiment selling our pistachios at farmers markets turned out to be a desired passion to spread the love of this healthy green nut.

Growing up I never realized the exclusivity of belonging to a family of pistachio farmers until starting this endeavor of selling them. Through the personal interactions with customers and other vendors I came to realize how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle through wholesome eating.  

It was only after 6 months of joyous interactions with customers at farmers markets that I decided I could do more with this product. I already understood that pistachios were naturally nutrient dense, but at the time there was really only one way to enjoy them. I knew this had to evolve and with the help of some local vendors, pistachio butter was born. What soon followed came to be known as The Pistachio Factory!

Today we continue to spread the word of pistachio butter with all its healthy benefits while keeping the recipe very simple. Since day one our pistachio butters have never had any additives, such as palm oils, sugars, or any emulsifiers, but only pure all natural pistachios. We take great pride in this nut as a company, as a family, and will continue to push these high standards as long as we can. 

In fact we are so dedicated to just pistachios that we are a PISTACHIO ONLY FACILITY and use NO co-packers to create our products. All our pistachio butter is made in house, in small batches to ensure the highest of quality and standards.

We hope you can enjoy this nutritious green nut at much as we do and spread the love of its benefits.