Allergy Info

We Know Allergies Personally

Trust us when we say we know allergies pretty well. As the founder of The Pistachio Factory I had my fair share of allergy symptoms and allergic reactions growing up with severe asthma. 

To make a long story short I know exactly where all you are coming from personally.

Our Promise

It is our promise to you that we will only create our products in a PISTACHIO ONLY FACILITY, with absolutely no mixing or cross contamination of other allergen products.

All our pistachio butter is made in small batches to ensure the highest of quality and standards. We are a part of a small group of food manufactures who don’t use co-packers as means to manufacturer goods.

How we can help!

We have had many mothers, fathers, and individuals contact us stating they have a child or are themselves highly allergic to other nuts (ex. almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc.). Many customers of ours have done clinically monitored nut allergy testing from professional institutions with our pistachio butter products and have had success.

We love to hear back from all these individuals who have praised our products because they have had great results.

We have also been contacted by many allergy institutions who would like to carry the product based on their previous findings.

If you or your child have allergies to other nuts and products, we do offer discounted rates to certified allergy clinics who administer allergy testing. We only recommend doing these challenges through accreted/certified physicians and allergy health clinics.

*Unfortunately, we cannot Guarantee positive results for those who decide to take on these allergy challenges as every individual has different reactions.

What we can guarantee is that we are and will continue to be a Pistachio Only Facility.

Calling all Mother, Fathers, Doctors, Dieticians, Certified Nutritional Clinics and Allergy Institutions:

If you would like to have your nearest allergy clinic carry our products, please have them contact us at

Remember our Goal is to:

Spread healthy eating through one simple ingredient.